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Purple Zenrise

Purple Zenrise™ Cereal

This is the superfood of cereal. 



Purchase your Purple Zenrise as you go or use the Camano Island Mills Cereal Lovers Club to have your cereal sent FREE every one, two or three months.


Our Story

This cereal is a work of love. It was created for a mother's daughter because she was having so many problems with wheat.


Incredible Reviews

Purple Zenrise has received incredible reviews from real people who have found that the cereal has improved their health in some way.

Purple Zenrise

Contains 10 Ancient Whole Grains and Seeds

The combination of Fresh Milled, High Tech packaging, 100% Certified Organic Grains, Gluten-Free (no wheat), Whole Grain, Preservative Free, Non-GMO, Non-Oat all in one whole grain organic cereal. Many other cereals begin to turn stale rapidly after milling but, with our exclusive process, you will have the freshest cereal incorporating many ancient organic grain superfoods from around the world. We take extra steps to ensure your cereal is packaged fresh—and stays fresh.

All our cereal is all natural, hand crafted, fresh milled with NO PRESERVATIVES and NO PESTICIDES.

Made in Washington on the sparkling shores of Skagit Bay