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Awesome Organic Cereal

Forbidden Rice

Why this is the best organic cereal you can buy

All Premium Ingredients – The Gold Standard of Cereal

Gold Standard Cereal

We use only the very best ingredients and some are so rare and hard to find that they command a high price but they are what makes this cereal the gold standard of cereals.  You deserve the best cereal money can buy!



No Preservatives

This is the freshest cereal you can buy and we keep it fresh by packaging minutes after milling in high quality bags and oxygen eaters.  Taste the difference and you will find most cereals just don’t have that fresh taste. 



usda organic

We purchase only 100% certified organic grains, and seeds, grown without harming the environment and we package our cereal in high quality foil lined bags. You can eat the best cereal and be socially responsible at the same time!




What is GMO? Why could it be a problem?  Genetically Modified Organisms are very common today.  To make plants more resistant to pests, genetic engineers have artificially modified the organism to make it better resist those pests.  Unfortunately the pests are adapting and even worse, we have no idea of the long term effects of the GMO plants.  Over 30 recent studies have shown that toxic or allergic problems with GMO foods.  See our blog.

Camano Island Mills does not use any GMO products in the cereal.


Gluten free

All our cereal is free of any wheat and all the problems with wheat.  Wheat has never been processed in our facility. It is also oat free and fully vegan.



Whole Grain

Whole Grain

Over 10 ancient grains and seeds make this a very healthy and great tasting cereal.  If you don’t like oatmeal, this is for you.  If you do like oatmeal, this cereal is a great alternative and is far more healthy. 


Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love it. We offer a 100% money back guarantee to show that we are willing to prove our cereal is the best and freshest. If it doesn’t curl your toes with flavor and nutrition, your cereal is free.


Co-Packer Free Processing


Unlike many high volume products, Camano Island Mills does all processing in-house on Camano Island Washington.  We do not rely on co-packers because you just never know what product the co-packer ran before yours.


Chemical Free Cleaning

Ladybug TEKNO

Camano Island Mills does not use chemicals to clean the facility.  We only use completely chemical free Ladybug Steam Vapor machines from Ladybug Steam 




Purple Sunrise CerealBottom Line: It’s the best tasting all natural cereal super food you’ll ever eat.