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Fresh Milled

What is Fresh?  Does it matter?

When we say “fresh” we mean it. When whole grains are milled, they are subject to rapid oxidation. You experience this degradation as a loss of flavor. Because ground grains, seeds and nuts are only fresh for a short period of time, we mill the cereal and immediately package it in the highest quality, high-barrier foil bag and seal it.

Fresh milled taste will knock your socks off!

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All things fresh taste better, and if you have never tasted fresh milled cereal, you have been missing a flavor treat.

Keeping your cereal fresh

To remove the last bit of oxygen in the bag, we add a high-quality oxygen absorber. It traps every bit of damaging oxygen and keeps your cereal fresh as the day it was milled. 

We don’t add ANY preservatives

No PreservativesAll of our cereal is fresh milled and shipped within 48 hours. Because we put the cereal in a high-barrier foil bag and remove the oxygen, we don’t need to add unhealthy preservatives.

Are you aware of the dangers of preservatives?

It is not uncommon to see cereals and other products on your grocery store shelves packaged in clear or flimsy bags that offer a poor barrier to oxygen infiltration. To battle the oxidation, oftentimes chemical preservatives are added. These preservatives may not be good for your health.

Take a look at this article by Adam Brookover: Dangers of Food Additives and Preservatives.

No Chemicals Used To Clean Our Facility

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Keeping the product fresh also means we don’t use chemicals to clean any part of the facility.  To clean effectively we only use steam vapor from