AmaranthAncient Super Food

Michelle Maistro reported in Forbes (December 5, 2011) that amaranth may soon join quinoa and chia as the pantheon of ancient “super foods”.  Both quinoa and amaranth are sacred “mother grains” to the Aztecs and Incas.

Essential Amino Acids

Amaranth is gluten free and contains more essential amino acids than any other plant source.  Lab tests have shown that it to reduce cholesterol and is second only to quinoa as a plant-based source of iron.  It is also the only grain that has vitamin C.

According to Oprah, one cup of cooked amaranth has nearly as much calcium as a cup of low-fat cottage cheese, an impressive 5.2 grams of fiber (many cold cereals have about 1 gram per serving), and more protein than a hard-boiled egg. Unlike most other grains, it contains lysine, an amino acid that the body needs for growth and tissue repair.

Our Amaranth is 100% Certified Organic, vegan, non-GMO, and Gluten-Free.

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